Mission & Vision

We aim to combine our rich legacy with modern, effortless style, providing our customers with much more than they expect in terms of quality, selection and value for money.

Commitment to quality

Stoneage comes from the rich legacy of a brand that has been trusted by the who’s who of the global celebrity world, of for more than six decades.

Stoneage is the next step in bringing the exclusivity and craft associated with the brand, closer to the masses by providing the same quality and commitment at your convenience.

Era Of Heritage

Stoneage Jewels is built on the foundation of Indian Handicrafts Emporium, an award-winning, 200-year-old establishment where descendants of legendary Indian craftsmen have applied their skills to craft some of the country’s most exquisite works of art and craft.

With curated collections from across the country ranging from the finest pashmina shawls, silk carpets, jewelry, and sculptures, made of various elements such as stone, metals and wood, Indian Handicrafts Emporium carries quality and commitment to craft in its heritage

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